Friday Favecast


Feel the Burn

Originally aired 17 June 2010.

In this edition we’re bringing new heat from the realm of soul and progressive hip hop to go with these sweltering temperatures. Get ready to do some serious head-nodding courtesy of Numaads, RHYMEFEST and more while the groove is maintained by the likes of Nate Smith, Boho Fau and the energy is supercharged by veterans like The Roots and Kanyeezy. This playlist is imperial and it’s your opportunity to discover noteworthy musicians doing it real lovely and luxurious.

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And dreams DO come true as I now have the very rare DJ Brainchild audio drop (thanks bruh!). It’s all packed into the most soulful hour on the internet.

Celebrate the weekend. Enjoy the music. Embrace your life. It only gets better from here.

Kenn Starr – Another Day {instrumental)

Sarah White – Fade [J Todd Remix]
Numaads – Now
Kendrick Lamar – Cut You Off
88 Keys – No, I Said I LIKED You (instrumental)

*DJ Markus Gramm Mini-Set*
Boho Fau + Elevated Soul – Coffee House Swingin’ feat. Nile River
Cross Country Collective – Give it 2 Ya
The Electric – Bang This
Nate Smith – Bounce

Little Brother – No Time to Chill (instrumental)
Tonex – Drowning (instrumental)

Nikko Gray – Rollercoaster
Boohgaloo – Nothing is For Free [Luigi Remix]
Rhymefest – How High feat. Little Brother + Darien Brockington

A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour (instrumental)

*DJ Markus Gramm Mini-Set*
The Roots – The Fire feat. John Legend
Kanye West – Power feat. Dwele
ArinMaya – Love Hangover

Cross Country Collective – Wonder (instrumental)

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